Are you looking to buy car insurance in Mableton for your dream ride in 2022, or are you thinking about upgrading your car insurance policy this new year? If you are pondering about getting your car insured or adding an extra layer of coverage for your ride, then we highly recommend that you read this article entirely. Quality coverage at an affordable price might seem like a thing of the past. But is it? So, can you still find cheap car insurance policies without trading off the quality of the coverage?

Yes, you definitely can. Find out our exclusive tips to reduce car insurance costs in Mableton and learn how to shop smartly to save more.  

Car insurance costs have been on an upward trajectory for a while now. Furthermore, the curve will most likely reach higher levels in 2022. While the global pandemic did bring down car insurance premiums in 2020 due to government policies and carriers providing financial relief, the prices have been increasing once again since 2021.  

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From the initial look, things are not very exciting for car insurance buyers in 2022 as well. The record-high inflation has only exacerbated the situation. Did you know that the inflation rate reached 7% in November 2021, the highest since 1982?  

Hence, car insurance premiums can increase in 2022, and as an insurance buyer, you must make intelligent gambits when it comes to reducing costs.   

Without further ado, let’s move on to how you can save on your car insurance premiums by making some intelligent decisions.  

10 Smart Ways to Premiums on Car Insurance in Mableton  

Reducing car insurance premiums is a lot like a game of chess. If you don’t make smart moves, you could be losing a lot. As per Bankrate, the average annual cost of full car coverage in Georgia is $1982. Car insurance is mandatory in almost all US states. Hence, the average minimum coverage cost is $756 in Georgia in 2022.   

As you can see, car insurance rates are increasing like never before. So, follow these smart tips to beat the increasing premiums and save more in these economically-straining times.  

  1. Shop smartly for Car Insurance in Mableton  

If you want to pay fewer premiums in the long run, you must start shopping smartly while buying car insurance policies. And how can you do that? By comparing as many policies and rates as possible. In a nutshell, try comparing as many car insurance quotes as possible. Research has shown that most Americans are overpaying on their car insurance premiums. However, most people do nothing about it despite knowing.  

As a car insurance buyer, you need to understand that car insurance rates depend on various factors. Hence, car insurance rates can vary from person to person, carrier to carrier, and policy to policy.   

According to NerdWallet, a driver with a clean driving record and a good credit score can save $100 monthly on average by buying a policy from the cheapest insurer in the state instead of the most expensive insurer.   

Also, the cheapest carrier in one state might be the most expensive carrier in a different US state. Moreover, rates can differ depending on the car model, coverage limit, driving record, age, credit score, and more. In short, try to compare quotes and tailor policies to meet your requirements. If you are unsure how to choose the best coverage, consult with an insurance brokerage or an agent. Click here to consult now. You can also check out this comparison tool to deduce the best rates.  

According to ValuePenguin, here are some of the cheapest car insurance companies in Mableton, GA, for 2022:  

Farm Bureau ($562)  

State Farm ($640)  

Geico ($708)  

Progressive ($939)  

Allstate ($958)  

2. Leverage Car Insurance Discounts to Reduce Costs on Car Insurance in Mableton  

The sure-shot way to reduce costs is getting discounts, and car insurance is no different. Most people are not aware that you can ask for discounts on car insurance. Yes, you can bargain with an insurance carrier to get the best deals.   

The car insurance market is a super competitive industry. With so many players in the arena, competition is stiff here. Hence, carriers have special offers and discounts to attract more buyers. As a car insurance buyer, you can make the most out of this situation by claiming discounts.   

If you qualify, you can avail of multiple discounts like:  

Multi-car discounts:   

Insurance carriers offer discounts between 8% to 25% if you insure multiple cars from the same insurer.  

Vehicle safety discounts:   

You can qualify for discounts if you have good safety features in your car like airbags, anti-lock, brakes, cameras, etc. 

New car discount: If your vehicle is less than three years old, you can get 10% to 15 % discounts

Good driver discount: A driving record plays a huge role in determining your car insurance premiums. If you maintain a good driving record without accidents and traffic violations, you can get a 10% to 40 % discount.  

Good student discount: Apparently, good grades can come in handy in reducing car insurance premiums. You can get an 8% to 25% discount as a high school student if you are 16-25 and you have a B grade on average.  

Also, most carriers like Allstate, State Farm, Progressive offer discounts if you sign up for their Usage-Based Program. You can get additional discounts if you have military affiliations as well.  

Hence, make sure to consult about all the available discounts beforehand to enjoy cheaper car insurance premiums.  


3. Choose the Right Car Insurance Deductibles While Buying Car Insurance in Mableton  

If you want to reduce your car insurance costs, we highly suggest choosing the right deductible amount while purchasing insurance policies. A deductible is a pre-determined amount that you agree to pay out of your coffers for repairs and replacement in case of an accident or damage.   

For instance, let’s assume that you collided with another vehicle. The repair bills amounted to $5000. If your deductible amount is $500, your insurer will bear $4500, and then you will have to handle the rest.  

According to the Insurance Information Institution, having a $500 deductible could reduce your costs by 15% to 30%. Moreover, a $1000 deductible could save you up to 40%. Generally, a $500 to $1000 deductible is considered a safe amount.  

Having the right deductible amount can lower can insurance premium. However, you need to consult with an insurance expert if you are unsure about choosing the right amount. If you are an excellent driver and have a lot of confidence in your driving, you can choose a higher deductible. However, if you are an amateur driver, we recommend that you stick with a lower deductible.  

In the end, when it comes to deductibles, it all boils down to the amount of risk that you are willing to take. If your driving skills are good, then you may end up never making a claim. In such scenarios, if you have a higher deductible, then your insurance costs will come down. Also, there are scenarios where making a claim does not seem logical, even if you have a deductible. So, always consult with your insurance agent before filing a claim.  


4. Bundle Your Insurance Policies to Get More Discounts  

As an insurance buyer, chances are you might be searching for both home insurance and car insurance in Mableton. If you are thinking about covering your home and your vehicle concurrently, bundling policies from the same carrier might save you a lot of money.  

Most carriers offer a 5% to 25% discount if you bundle home and auto policies together. Furthermore, buying more policies from the same insurance carrier can also land you fantastic policy discounts and offers.  

Hence, if you want to cover multiple assets, consider buying policies from the same carrier. This way, you could save a lot on your insurance premiums.  


5. Consider Switching to Usage-Based Driving (UBI)  

Usage-Based driving has been trending lately in the car insurance market, and you can use it to your advantage in 2022. Driving habits play a massive role in determining car insurance rates both from the perspective of an insurer and an insurance buyer. Hence, UBI is technology’s latest gift to the car insurance industry.  

Many insurance carriers are experimenting with different UBI technology to track driving habits. UBI technology uses telematics through an app or a device to track driving habits like miles driven, braking habits, speeding, etc.  

Hence, a good driving record can significantly lower your car insurance in Mableton. Since UBI technology is still new, most carriers encourage drivers to sign up for this program by offering lucrative discounts. You could land cost reductions up to 5% just for signing up for a UBI program. Moreover, you can enjoy discounts of up to 30% and more depending on your driving habits.  

Here are the UBI programs of some of the top car insurance companies in the USA:  

USAA: SafePilot  

Progressive: Snapshot  

State Farm: Drive Safe & Save  

Allstate: Drivewise  

Usage-Based Insurance will be a big thing in the insurance industry moving further. Therefore, most carriers want their customers to switch to UBI. So, try to cash in on this opportunity by signing up at the earliest.  


6. Choose Your Car Model Wisely Before Buying Car Insurance in Mableton  

Insurance is an industry where carriers make a profit by dealing with risks. Hence, naturally, insurance carriers would prefer a vehicle with lower stakes. Therefore, if you are looking for a lower car insurance premium bill, consider buying a car that does not come with higher risks.  

While all cars are prone to accidents and collisions, some vehicles are much more expensive to repair and replace than others. For instance, car insurance for Lamborghini Urus would cost more than insuring a Honda CR-V. Also, expensive cars have higher chances of being stolen and vandalized. Insurance companies take these details into account before insuring a car.  

Hence, unless you are ready to spend a fortune on your car insurance, it is better to choose a cheaper model to repair. Also, choose cars that have more affordable spare parts.   

Here are some of the cheapest automobiles to insure in 2022 according to NerdWallet,  

Subaru Outback ($1392)  

Jeep Wrangler ($1416)  

Honda CR-V ($1439)  

Subaru Forester ($1465)  

Ford Escape ($1476)  


7. Maintain a Good Credit Score and Try to Improve it  

Using credit scores to determine car insurance rates is a debatable issue, and it often receives a lot of scrutinies. It is illegal to consider credit scores while calculating car insurance prices in some states like California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.  

The rules might change in the future; however, for the time being, the credit score is an essential factor in most of the states in the USA. Hence, if you want to reduce your insurance costs, maintain a good credit score. Moreover, try to boost your credit score.   

According to Forbes Advisor, drivers with poor credit scores pay 76% more on car insurance than drivers with good credit scores.  

You can improve your credit score by 

making timely loan payments and credit cards due to settlements.  

Maintaining a lower credit card balance than your credit limit.  

Keep a few credit cards. Try not to own many credit cards.  


8. If Possible, Pay Your Car Insurance Premium in Full

Many insurance companies like Allstate, Progressive, and Farmers offer a specific discount if you pay your car insurance premium in one lump sum. Hence, if you have the financial capability to pay your premium beforehand, you can take advantage of this option.  


9. Drive Safely  

Maintaining a good driving record is the most important tip for reducing car insurance costs. Driving habits also determine the number of risks involved in insuring a driver. That is why young drivers have to pay for car insurance. Moreover, a poor driving record can haunt you for a long time in your life. Hence, try to avoid speeding, driving under the influence (DUI), collisions, and getting into unnecessary accidents. The higher the number of claims, it will be more challenging to get coverage in the future. Hence, think about the long-term as well when you drive. On the bright side, a good driving record can reduce your car insurance costs. So, try to become a responsible driver.  


10. Consider Taking a Defensive Driving Course  

A defensive driving course is special training that involves various driving safety techniques. Hence, you can take a defensive driving course to grow your caliber as a successful driver. Moreover, taking such training will also help reduce your car insurance costs. Many insurance companies provide up to 10% discount for drivers who have taken a defensive driving course.  

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Which are the cheapest car insurance companies in Georgia in 2022?  

The cheapest car insurance companies in Georgia for 2022 are Farm Bureau, State Farm, Geico, Average, Progressive, Allstate, and USAA.  

Is auto insurance expensive in Georgia?  

In Mableton, GA, car insurance is generally 2.8% less than the nationwide average. The average car insurance costs $1388 per year. However, car insurance rates depend on many other factors as well.  

How much is full coverage in Georgia?  

Generally, the minimum coverage costs $756, and full coverage policy costs $1982 in Georgia. 

Car Insurance in Mableton: The Bottomline  

Hence these are some proven and time-tested tips to reduce car insurance costs in Mableton, Georgia. Car insurance is mandatory by law in 49 out of 50 states in the USA. Therefore, getting the right car insurance should be your top priority as a driver.   

However, car insurance rates can quickly go up if you are not smart while buying the policy. Therefore, consult with an insurance brokerage or an agent to get the best deal while buying car insurance in Mableton.  

As a trusted insurance brokerage company in the USA, we can help you get the best policy tailored to meet your car insurance needs. You can leverage our proprietary technology and our vast network of insurance experts and carriers to find the right coverage. Get in touch by signing up today and finding the best car insurance policy with just a few clicks!  


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