Electric vehicles have been around for a long time but recently there’s been a big push by companies like Tesla, Nissan, and GM to make them mainstream. They’ve come a long way since their beginnings when people would joke “what good is an electric car if there isn’t any electricity?!” Nowadays these cars are just as powerful as gas-powered ones with much less maintenance costs since they’re not using fossil fuels. The use of electric vehicles in the USA is on the rise, and so are the benefits. With a lower carbon footprint than traditional vehicles, they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also have low maintenance costs and can be used for short distances. It’s essential that we keep doing our part by using these cars responsibly and making sure that we’re mindful of everyone else who lives around us!

The use of electric cars in the USA is increasing by over 30% every year with many benefits including a lower carbon footprint than traditional vehicles which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Electric cars seem to be the future of the automotive industry, and a lot of people are making the switch to them. If you’re one of those people wondering to buy an electric car or curious about electric car insurance in Coral Gables in general, then this post is for you. We’ll take a look at:

-Nature of electric car insurance

-Electric car insurance vs Normal car insurance

-Some tips to reduce the cost of an electric vehicle

– Average electric car insurance cost of different companies.

electric car insurance in Coral Gables

Nature of electric car insurance

As with any other kind of vehicle, when you buy electric car insurance in Coral Gables or anywhere else, there are certain factors that will affect your premiums. The nature of electric car insurance is different than for traditional gas vehicles because there are maintenance costs since they’re not using fossil fuels. That’s why it’s important to always shop around and compare rates from different companies before you decide on a policy. Well, on average, we found that car insurance for an electric vehicle is about 23% more expensive than the cost for the equivalent combustion model. According to Value Penguin, if your premium with a gasoline-powered vehicle is $1000, you might pay anywhere from $1180 to $1320 annually with an electric vehicle. Not every insurance company increases its rates the same.

Electric car insurance vs Normal car insurance

Comparing gas and electric car insurance, the main difference comes in premiums. Despite their many benefits, electric cars have one downside: they can be more expensive to insure. This is mainly because electric vehicles are still a relatively new technology. Insurance companies don’t have as much data on how often they’re involved in accidents. However, this is changing quickly as electric cars become more popular, so it’s essential with any other kind of vehicle. Certain factors will affect your premiums when you buy electric car insurance in Coral Gables or anywhere else. According to Car and Driver, electric vehicles are more expensive to insure for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they cost more than gas vehicles, are more expensive to repair, and are more prone to damage in accidents. If you don’t believe us, read about the Tesla Model 3 that was damaged for almost $27,000 due to a minor fender incident.

Some tips to reduce the cost on an electric vehicle

To reduce your monthly electric car insurance costs, you need to learn more about the available coverage types. In Coral Gables, there are several different auto coverages that can be used in a hybrid vehicle. Some will have higher premiums than others. Consider these three popular types to get lower rates on your plug-in or low emission vehicles for both the cost of your car insurance premiums and any possible repairs.

First, there is liability coverage. This will protect you financially if you are ever involved in an accident. The other driver files a claim against you. Your insurance company will pay for their damages up to the limits of your policy. If you have an electric car, it is important to have collision and comprehensive coverage. These coverages will help pay for repairs to your vehicle if you get into an accident.

Secondly, there is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that will protect if the other driver does not have liability insurance or does not carry enough of it. Suppose this happens and you are injured during an accident. In that case, your insurer will cover damages above what the other driver’s policy covers. This is essential coverage if you are driving a hybrid or electric car in Coral Gables.

Finally, to get the best rates on your electric car insurance, be sure to compare quotes from several different companies. You can do this easily online, and it only takes a few minutes. By comparing rates and coverage, you can save money and get affordable insurance that will protect your vehicle. Hence, you can always search for lowering your car insurance cost by searching 10 tips to lower your car insurance cost 

Average electric car insurance cost of different companies.

In simple terms, auto insurance for electric cars covers collisions, damage to property, and injuries sustained in an accident. Let’s take a look at some of the best providers for electric car insurance.

According to Bankrate, here are the six-month premium costs of several electric vehicles:

Electric Vehicle Average 6-month premium Average annual premium
Audi e-tron $1,260 $2,520
Ford Focus $817 $1,633
Ford Fusion $837 $1,674
Tesla Model 3 $1,142 $2,283
Tesla Model S $1,901 $3,802
Tesla Model X $1,662 $3,324
Toyota Prius $870 $1,740

Moreover, for the electric car owner’s info.  An electric car manufacturer, Tesla dominates the electric vehicle industry in the United States, accounting for over 80% of all sales. Tesla Insurance Services, a new firm founded by Tesla, began selling its insurance coverage in August of 2019. While the firm presently only covers California, it has intentions to expand into additional states soon.


To make you easier here are some frequently asked questions and answers about electric car insurance:

  1. Is electric car insurance more expensive than gasoline car insurance?

Electric car insurance is more expensive than gasoline car insurance. This is because electric cars are a newer technology and there is not as much data on how to insure them. However, the cost of electric car insurance is dropping every year, so it will likely be cheaper in the future. If you are thinking about buying an electric car, make sure to look into electric car insurance policies.

  1. What affects electric car insurance rates?

There are a few things that affect electric car insurance rates. The first is the make and model of the car. Another thing that affects rates is where you live. Some states have more accidents than others, so your rate may be higher if you live in a state with high accident rates.

  1. What are the cheapest electric cars to insure?

When it comes to electric cars, there are a few models that are cheaper to insure than others. The Tesla Model S is expensive electric cars to insure, while the Nissan Leaf is one of the cheapest. However, keep in mind that your insurance rates may vary depending on your location and driving record. You can shop around and compare quotes to find the best deal possible.

To summarize, electric cars are gaining popularity, yet there are several misconceptions about them. Because you will not be able to recover the cost of your battery if it is destroyed or stolen, electric car insurance in Coral Gables differs from ordinary auto insurance. You may cut costs by insuring your car for its true value and choosing an insurer that offers cheaper rates for electric vehicles.

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