Independent Insurance Agents Vs. Captive Insurance Agents in Mableton, GA: Which One's Better for You In 2022? 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2020, there were approximately 13,020 insurance agents in Georgia. Amongst such a massive number, it can get tough to decide which insurance agent is the best for you, and you want the best one for your needs. Before you look up "insurance agents in Mableton, GA," it's important to distinguish between independent insurance agents and captive insurance agents. Only after then can you look for local insurance agents near Georgia. 

Do you go with an independent insurance agent or a captive insurance agent? Both of these types of agents have their pros and cons. So, which kind of insurance agent is better for you? The process of choosing an insurance agent can be daunting and complex, but it becomes much smoother if you understand what to look for in terms of features and coverage. Here, we break it down to aid you in making the best decision for your needs. 

If you're looking for more personal experience, then an independent insurance agent might be right for you. However, suppose you prefer to bundle your insurance policies from a single company that can offer you a range of insurance products. In that case, a captive insurance agent might be a better choice.  

Independent Insurance Agents 

Independent insurance agent refers to insurance agents not affiliated with any insurance company. They typically represent a number of insurance companies and can offer you more choices when picking an insurance policy. Furthermore, independent agents are commonly found in small towns or rural areas, and they have personal relationships with their customers.

Therefore, when you look up "independent insurance agents near me" or "independent insurance brokers near me," it probably won't be very difficult to find an independent insurance broker nearby. 

Lower Premiums

Why Choose Independent Insurance Agents in Mableton in 2022?  

Personal Relationships with Clients 

Independent insurance agents often have personal relationships with their clients, benefiting those who need help navigating the insurance process.  

More Choices

Independent insurance brokers typically represent several insurance companies, which gives you more choices when it comes to picking a policy. Moreover, this also allows you to compare insurance quotes from different insurance companies in Mableton, Georgia, and choose the best one for you. 

Unbiased Advice

An independent insurance agent is not affiliated with any insurance company and can give you unbiased insurance advice. This is why independent insurance brokers will not push you into buying insurance from a particular insurance company. 

Lower Premiums 

The insurance companies that independent insurance agents represent often have lower premiums than companies that captive insurance agents represent. This is because insurance companies tend to give independent insurance agents commissions on insurance policies sold. Moreover, independent insurance agents also have access to insurance companies that are not available through captive insurance agents. This allows you to find insurance companies with lower premiums in Mableton, GA. 

Local Insurance Brokers 

Customers can easily find independent insurance brokers in small towns or rural locations, making them more accessible. If you look up "local insurance agents near me" or "insurance agents near Lithonia, GA," you'll probably find them! 

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Why Independent Insurance Agents Might Not Work Out for You?

Lower Level of Expertise 

Independent insurance brokers are not as knowledgeable about insurance as captive insurance agents. Moreover, they also don't have the same amount of training that captive insurance brokers receive, making it challenging to get the right insurance policy you want.  

Limited Availability 

The availability of independent insurance agents near Lithonia, GA might be very limited. Furthermore, in Mableton, GA, insurance companies tend to have more captive insurance agents than independent insurance agents because it's cheaper for them to operate this way. To find an insurance agent near Lithonia, Georgia, fill-up the form on our homepage, and we'll make the process easier for you. 

Captive Insurance Agent 

Captive insurance brokers work for a single insurance company and can only offer coverage from that company to their clients. Moreover, captive agents have direct access to the company's administration, allowing them to complete paperwork more quickly and efficiently. Similarly, when a customer enquires about a policy, the insurance company usually refers them to one of their captive agents nearby in the region. 

independent insurance agent Vs. Captive Agent

Why Choose a Captive Agent in 2022?  


Captive insurance agents are insurance agents who work for one specific insurance company. Therefore, captive insurance agents receive extensive insurance training and experience. This gives them a higher level of expertise than independent insurance agents. Likewise, they are often more knowledgeable about insurance than independent insurance agents. Additionally, captive insurance agents have access to the resources of their insurance company to help them provide better service to clients.  

One-Stop Insurance Broker 

Captive insurance agents can provide you with all the insurance products and services you need from a single insurance company. Therefore, if you're searching for a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs, opting for a captive insurance agent near Lithonia, GA would be your best bet. Moreover, this is especially beneficial when you're trying to bundle your insurance policies with a single insurance company. 

Higher Level of Customer Service 

A captive insurance broker has more access to an insurance company's resources than an independent insurance broker does. Therefore, this can make it easier for them to provide better customer service than independent insurance agents. Moreover, because life is unpredictable, you'll need an insurance agent who can assist you in filing a claim and navigating the claims procedure. A captive agent is more familiar with the company's claim filing processes and has more resources in hand. 

A Brand You Can Trust 

Suppose you've already decided on a reputable insurance carrier near Lithonia, or in Mableton, and have faith in the insurance company's brand. In that case, a captive agent might be the best option for you.  

Reasons Not to Work with a Captive Agent in 2022 

Limited Choices

Captive insurance agents do not represent multiple insurance companies, which means they can only offer insurance products from one insurance company. Therefore, this limits your choices regarding insurance policies near Lithonia and can make finding the right insurance policy for your needs challenging. Moreover, this can be a problem if you're looking for a specific insurance product not available from the insurance company they work for. 


Captive insurance agents receive commissions from insurance companies, which can cause them to push insurance products that offer higher commissions. Therefore, many prefer independent insurance agents who don't receive commissions from insurance companies. 

One-size-fits-all Insurance Policies

Captive insurance brokers' insurance companies provide them with insurance products and services, which means they can only offer policies available from their insurance company. Therefore, this can lead to captive insurance agents providing one-size-fits-all insurance policies that may not suit your insurance needs. 

Which Is Better For You?  

Again, it depends on your needs and situation. Suppose you're looking for a more personal service or want to compare a wide range of insurance policies from insurance companies in Mableton, GA. In that case, an independent insurance agent might be right for you. A captive insurance agent, on the contrary, is definitely your best alternative if you already have the insurance company you want to get your policy from in mind. 

When it comes to choosing an insurance agent, there's no wrong answer. The insurance agent that you choose should be one that has experience and knowledge of your insurance needs. If you've decided on the type of insurance agent near Lithonia, GA, that you want to work with, or if you're still undecided, fill out the form on our homepage. We'll walk you through the process and assist you in determining which type of insurance agent in Lithonia, GA, is best for you! 


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