Finding Home Owners Insurance Quotes in Dunwoody

Most of the time your home is a result of your lifetime savings, and a valuable investment. Keeping it safe and secure should be your utmost priority. However, if something happens to your home, it will again rack up your expense bill in order to mend it. This is why homeowners’ insurance also known as home insurance is very important. Mortgage companies often ask homeowners to have home insurance to be safe. 

Types of Home owners’ Insurance Quotes and Coverage 

We believe that every two homes are never the same, and hence, different homes require different quotes and coverages.  Our agents who are specialized in getting homeowners quotes from multiple insurance coverages can help you pick the affordable homeowner’s insurance quotes in Atlanta.  

There are different types of homeowners quotes and coverage that you can add on to make your home safe from any unfortunate events in the future.  

Dwelling Coverage 

Dwelling Coverage pays for the cost of rebuilding your home if it is damaged by a natural disaster such as a tornado, hail, or fire. One thing to keep in mind when getting a quote for home insurance is that you will not be covered for the appliances and belongings in your home. Dwelling coverage only insures the structure of your home. 

Other Structure coverage 

Other structure coverage in your home owner’s insurance policy, as the name implies, covers the cost of rebuilding structures attached to or on your property. Structures such as a tool shed, gazebo, pool house, or even a fence can be covered. 

 If you don’t have any of these structures on your property, you can only get dwelling coverage and no other structure coverage. It will lower your insurance premium. 

Personal Property coverage 

Unlike structure coverage, personal property coverage will protect your belongings from damages and perils. And top of that, if your belongings are outside your home- the personal property will cover the damage cost of that as well.  

If you have some luxury items and want to include them in your property list, you might have to get a new add-on into your homeowner’s insurance quotes. But it’s worth it. 

Additional Living Expense coverage 

Like Renters’ Insurance, if your home is damaged and you have to live somewhere else for some days, then getting an additional living expense coverage will cover you for that.  Normally, you can get up to 20% of your dwelling coverage as living expenses when such an incident occurs. 

Liability coverage 

Liability covers the amount for the damages that happen to someone else or on someone else’s property.  The best part about liability coverage is that even if you are sued it will cover the cost for you. Liability coverage gives you as minimum as $100000 for the legal cases. 

Medical Payments to other coverage 

This coverage will pay for medical bills if someone is injured in your home and it is not your fault. This protection is typically offered at $1,000 per person, but you can usually choose higher coverage amounts. 


homeowners insurance quote in atlanta

How are the quotes determined? 

Homeowners’ insurance quotes in Atlanta are usually determined by the number of coverages you want to have in your policy. A picture of your house and its estimated cost and different other coverages like liability coverage, personal property coverage, additional living expenses coverage. Depending upon your requirements, our agents will give you a decent quote which you can compare.  

How to lower your quotes price? 

If any of the insurance carriers charge you a price for home insurance quotes, that’s a red flag you should notice.  Quotes should be free and that’s what we provide you. Contact us through our homepage to get free quotes for Homeowners insurance in Atlanta. 

Major Takeaways 

If you're ready to find a home insurance provider to protect your home and personal belongings, we recommend completing this simple form, which will provide you with multiple quotes from the top home insurance providers in Atlanta. This will not only allow you to compare policies, but it will also allow you to compare pricing and assist you in finding a home insurance plan that fits within your budget. 


What factors determine the cost of homeowners insurance cost? 

A lot of factors like your house structure, your coverage requirements determine the cost of homeowners insurance cost. 

What are the six categories typically covered by homeowners' insurance? 

Homeowners insurance typically covers following six categories: 

  • Dwelling Coverage 

  • Other Structure Coverage 

  • Personal Property Coverage 

  • Additional Living Expense Coverage 

  • Liability Coverage 

  • Medical Payments to other coverage 

How can one get the best homeowners insurance quote? 

One can get the best home owners insurance quote by comparing multiple quotes from insurance carriers and choosing the best one. We help you get that. 

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