What are the average car insurance cost and requirements in Atlanta?  

Our research compared the average car insurance cost in Atlanta, with over six insurance companies. The highest average rate is $2680 for full coverage of $625 more than the average rate of $2055 and $812 expensive than the state average. 

With our rate analysis, we compared the average car insurance cost for Atlanta drivers with minimum coverage ins $935 per year, which would increase by $99 more if your coverage increased to 50/100/50. and could get full coverage for an additional $1393 per year. 

It will make sense to get a collision and comprehensive coverage if you have just bought a new car. Those coverages cost $782 and $228 on the average annual cost. Furthermore, this coverage comes with a deductible. The higher the deductibles, the lower the premiums. 

According to the Georgia car insurance laws, anyone getting car insurance in the state of Georgia should have the coverage to insure yourself against bodily injury, property damage liability at least. It’s up to the person to add coverage for themself, their vehicle, and the passenger on the car.   

The minimum cost of insurance requirements in Georgia includes bodily injury at $25000 per person and $50000 per accident, also $25000 per accident.  

average car insurance cost atlanta 

How to get the cheapest car insurance in Atlanta?  

Based on our data and research, drivers with a clean driving record implies less risk that insurance companies are rewarded with the lowest rates. Looking forward for getting a discount is what you should not ignore to reduce the cost of your insurance. 

Binding multiple policies could get the insured with the discounts. People who buy multiple types of insurance from the same carrier for renters or home insurance can also get a discount for insuring multiple vehicles in the same household.  Having particularly new or equipped with certain safety equipment or anti-theft systems. Some insurance companies will want to track your driving habits and other data’s if you are willing to fit the device into your car, that will get you the discount.  

According to state law, insurance for a new car or divers must be purchased before driving. Hence, if you are planning to get insurance, you have to register a vehicle shortly after purchasing.  Also, gender does influence car insurance in states that allow insurers to consider it.  From our data, car insurance companies tend to charge more to female drivers with identical profiles to men. According to the Zebra, men are likely to capture over 14% more than men. 


Conclusion: Recommended Coverage in Atlanta.  

Having minimum liability insurance required by the state is what you must have to be legal. If not having the full right to the car, you should be getting additional comprehensive and collision coverage. Buying more than the minimum legal requirement is always better if the value of your asset is:

  • 50/100/50 for less than $50000  
  • 100/300/100 between $50000 to $100000  
  • 250/500/100 more than $100000  

Lastly, if you are leasing or financing, get over 100/300/100 or higher 

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